Where Are Pennsylvania's Must-See Waterfalls

PENNSYLVANIA - There are several must-see Pennsylvania waterfalls you can visit. Cucumber Falls, Ganoga Falls, Sullivan Falls, Sugar Run Falls, and the infamous Cucumber Falls are listed here. There are also many other waterfalls in Pennsylvania that you may not have heard of! To get started, read about each waterfall's history and how to get to them. Then, decide which waterfall is your favorite!

Where Are Pennsylvania's Must-See Waterfalls

There are many beautiful waterfalls to visit in Pennsylvania. Here are a few favorites:

Cucumber Falls

The scenic beauty of Cucumber Falls is a sight to behold. The 30-foot waterfall cascades over a rock amphitheater. Visitors can view the falls from both above and below. There are many steps to climb down to the lower viewpoint. Parking is available near the falls and is only a two-minute walk to the higher viewpoint. The falls are accessible year-round, and visitors can see them in all seasons.

For a truly picturesque experience, you can walk along the trail to Cucumber Falls, which is 0.5 miles long. The trail takes you alongside the Youghiogheny River and provides up-close whitewater views. You'll cross rocky banks and sandy stretches to reach the top of the waterfall. The waterfall is located in Ohiopyle, accessible via a short distance walk.

Another beautiful waterfall in Pennsylvania is Cucumber Falls, which stands thirty feet tall. This waterfall is a popular spot among photographers and is easily accessible. Hiking to the top of the falls and along the trail to Cucumber Run will allow you to take great pictures of the waterfall and surrounding area. Cucumber Falls is only 30 feet high, but it's an amazing waterfall worth the visit.

Sullivan Falls

Sullivan Falls is located in State Game Lands 13, which spans nearly 50,000 acres and is home to over 20 waterfalls. It's not as popular as the waterfall at Ricketts Glen State Park, but it's easily accessible and has easy access. Follow the trail to the waterfall's base, and you'll be rewarded with cascading water and idyllic surroundings.

Sullivan Falls is a side trip from Ricketts Glen. The 30 or 40-foot waterfall features spectacular rushing water, making it an excellent spot for a picnic. Sullivan Falls is also an excellent spot for a photo shoot. This waterfall is an incredible place for photography, and it's close to Sullivan Glen State Park. The park is a wonderful place to visit when visiting Pennsylvania.

Sugar Run Falls

Sugar Run Falls is a small cascade located near the Ohiopyle area. One of the best ways to see Sugar Run Falls is to hike the Mitchell Field Trail to its trailhead. The waterfall is accessible from either the Mitchell Field Trail or the GAP trail. Though it is artificial, the trail offers beautiful scenery and good food. The hike can take around an hour and has a moderate elevation gain.

Another must-see waterfall nearby is Jonathan Run Falls. It is about a half-mile hike from the waterfall. The trail forks at Lower Jonathan Run Falls, where you can take a shortcut to Sugar Run Falls. Once you've reached the GAP, you can follow Mitchell Field Trail to its base. This trail also provides access to the Kentuck Campground. The hike takes about an hour and a half and is well worth the time.

Freedom Falls

If you're looking for a large, picture-perfect waterfall in Pennsylvania, look no further than Freedom Falls. This waterfall is about 20 feet high and 50 feet wide in Venango County. Its pool of fresh water is surrounded by dense forest. Take the Allegheny River Rail Trail to the Rockland Tunnel to reach the waterfall. Afterward, hike through the dense forest to reach Freedom Falls.

Angel Falls

There are many places to visit in Pennsylvania, but Angel Falls is an especially beautiful one. You can hike the path to the top of the waterfall and then dive into the pool for a refreshing swim. This waterfall is a great choice for a day out if you have children. This waterfall is so beautiful that it's even a family activity. Here are ten of the best waterfalls to visit in Pennsylvania.

The aptly-named Angel Falls is a scenic attraction in northeastern Pennsylvania, near Loyalsock State Forest. The cascading 70-foot-high waterfall is most beautiful during the spring months when heavy rainfall has melted away. You can also see nearby Gibson Falls. The waterfall is accessible from two parking lots. Take the Loyalsock Trail to reach Angel Falls.

Fallingwater Falls

Another waterfall in the area is Fallingwater. Fallingwater is 19 miles south of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Donegal exit on Route 381. Look for a sign. The falls are located in a valley between two mountains. From the overlook, you can see a pristine waterfall and the park's beautiful surroundings. The park is also home to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hagan House. The home is now a world heritage site and was named the best work of American architecture in 1991. It's owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and is open for tours.