Without A Cue Productions Joins The 2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival: Improv-Style Murder Mystery Show!

PHILADELPHIA  – Without A Cue Productions will be performing their improvised murder mystery at The 2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September. The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is a festival that takes place every September.

Photo by Without A Cue Productions

It features over 1,000 performances, including shows and events produced independently and programs created by FringeArts. This interactive murder mystery, "Whose Crime Is It, Anyway?," is unique because it puts every twist and turning in the hands of the audience. The audience's votes determine the entire crime. Actors are left to improvise based on the choices made by the audience. The same show can never be repeated because there are 10,000 possibilities.
Tickets for "Whose crime is it, anyway?" are only $20 and are available now. Tickets can only be purchased via the Fringe Festival Website