Golden Girls Murder Mystery Comes to Craft Hall in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - The Golden Girls Murder Mystery is a thrilling show that will leave you wondering who is behind the crime. The characters from the show will mingle with the audience and entertain them with their famous banter.

Golden Girls Murder Mystery Comes to Craft Hall in Philadelphia
Photo: With Out A Clue Prodcutions

'The Curse of Jessica Fletcher", a stage adaptation of the hit television show, made its stage debut at the Craft Hall on March 5. The performance features light snacks, themed cocktails, and performances by local Philadelphia performers.

A Golden Girls Murder Mystery: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher, an interactive stage production from the Bucks County company Without a Cue Productions, is a fun evening for adults only. In an immersive and engaging performance, audiences can try to figure out whodunnit and solve the crime!

The audience will be immersed in a murder mystery during the hour-and-a-half production. The cast will engage in banter and interact with the audience, while the actors will use their wit and charm to entertain and enlighten the crowd.

The Golden Girls Murder Mystery is a great way to spend an afternoon for those who like to be immersed in the action. With the cast of the popular sitcom starring local actresses, this is an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of what the characters were like in real life. You can even take selfies with the cast members, get your mug shot, and play a detective game before and after the show.

Among them are Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy, who will captivate the audience with their sarcastic humor and iconic wits. The actors also will have the ability to break down barriers and reveal the truth behind the murderer.