World Premiere of Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - Azuka Theatre is thrilled to present an exciting World Premiere by a Philadelphia Playwright, and a cast and crew of Philadelphia regional artists. Azuka also returns with pay-what-you-decide where audiences are invited to experience the art on stage and pay based on the value of their experience after the show.

 World Premiere of Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn in Philadelphia
Photo: Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn

Azuka continues their 2021-2022 season with Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn now through March 20th at Proscenium Theatre at The Drake in Center City.  Amid a chorus of croaking frogs, rattling pill bottles, wry humor, and heartfelt humanity, Carroll County Fix pushes past small-town clichés to explore the deep currents of change wracking rural communities.

Playwright Dunn is part of the Azuka New Pages Writer's Group and the show features a who's who of experienced and emerging local artists. The cast for Carroll County Fix includes Lorenza Bernasconi (she/her) as Tess, Anna Faye Lieberman (she/they) as Rach, Paige Whitman (she/they) as Crash, Adam Howard (he/him) as Stinky Pete, and Steven Anthony Wright (he/him) as Paul.

Carroll County Fix is part of a season where Azuka explores the stories of everyday people whose voices aren’t typically amplified by the theatre. These people are people of our time. They are our neighbors and co-workers; the people we pass on the street. They are us. They are deep and complicated and funny as hell. And they are all very different from one another. Spending 100 minutes with these people, seeing how they interact and find their shared humanity, is empathy-building.