Brooklyn Dumpling Shop PHL Plans for Expansion

PHILADELPHIA - Brooklyn Dumpling Shop PHL has quickly become a beloved addition to the flourishing Philadelphia culinary scene, captivating food enthusiasts with its imaginative and delectable dumplings.  The overwhelmingly positive response from the community has solidified its position as a must-visit dining destination in the city.

 Brooklyn Dumpling Shop PHL
Photo Credit: Shannon Pepe // @Shantookthis (via IG)

Looking to capitalize on its success, the restaurant has exciting plans for expansion in 2024, promising to create even more opportunities for customers to savor a delightful mix of flavors and unique culinary experiences.

With a deep-rooted commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, co-owner Nick Sordoni is excited about the forthcoming expansion. The second location, slated to open its doors in February 2024, will be conveniently situated on the vibrant campus of Drexel University, making it an accessible and enticing option for the university's students and faculty. The third location, strategically chosen on Sansom Street, a thriving hub of bars and restaurants in Philadelphia, promises to further immerse patrons in the city's vibrant food scene.

In addition to these upcoming locations within Philadelphia, the ambitious co-owners also have their sights set on expanding into neighboring New Jersey, aiming to introduce Brooklyn Dumpling Shop's thrilling culinary creations to an even wider audience.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop takes great pride in its ability to satisfy the palates of those with a genuine passion for exceptional cuisine. Offering a mouthwatering fusion of dumplings, bowls, and burgers, the restaurant continuously pushes the boundaries of traditional dumpling offerings, reimagining them through its innovative store designs and tech-forward approach. To stay updated with the latest news on new restaurant openings and tantalizing menu additions, patrons are encouraged to follow Brooklyn Dumpling Shop's active and engaging social media pages, where the restaurant shares its journey of providing unforgettable dining experiences to its cherished customers.