10 Best Must-Try Buffets in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY - New Jersey is home to some of the best buffets in the country.  There is something for everyone, from Americans to Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more. Whether you’re looking for a traditional soul food brunch or an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse, these ten buffets will satisfy your cravings.

10 Best Must-Try Buffets in New Jersey
10 Best Must-Try Buffets in New Jersey

Where are The Best Buffets in New Jersey

1. La Fiesta Buffet, West New York, NJ

Each buffet offers the benefit of providing a broad selection of foods in one meal. Still, you'll be unable to locate one with more options than La Fiesta Buffet. The wildly diverse buffet features an array of American, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese dishes, so you can combine and mix as you'd prefer.

2. Kelsey's Atlantic City, NJ

Most of the time, Kelsey's is a popular soul food establishment that feeds patrons from head to foot. On Sundays, however, the brunch menu is often called the top buffet in Atlantic City. In a city that is brimming with casinos, that's a pretty impressive claim.

3. Grand Buffet, Ramsey, NJ

If you're struggling with the food you'd like to have and the closest you'll be able to reduce it to something Asian cuisine, no worries, you can go towards The Grand Buffet in Ramsey. The buffet is a delicious mix including Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, particularly American favorites, and a hibachi grill.

4. Churrasqueria, Jersey City, NJ

Churrasqueria is a well-known Portuguese popular spot in Jersey City where you can enjoy large portions of high-quality meals all day. The restaurant is as popular as the lunch buffet and will be a real showpiece.

5. Chennai Chimney, Princeton, NJ

Do you really want to limit yourself to one food item next time you feel an urge for Indian dishes? Go to Chennai Chimney in Princeton for an all-day lunch buffet where everyone can enjoy their favorite foods at only one cost.

6. Kam Buffet Trenton, NJ

There's not much Cajun cuisine in New Jersey, but I'm sure Kam Buffet offers everything you'll need. The renowned buffet is a specialist in Cajun seafood, serving the most delicious seafood boil you'll discover in the region.

7. The Taste of Brazil, Newark, NJ

An all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse is a great occasion to mark a significant celebration, especially if you are a fan of steak. It's the Taste of Brazil is the spot to visit in Newark for top-quality churrasco and other delicious dishes.

8. Picnic Garden BBQ Restaurant, Edison, NJ

Picnic Garden is an uncommon treasure as it is a Korean buffet. However, it can make you think that Korean buffets are all over the place. This excellent local eatery offers many different cultural dishes and meats marinated in a sauce that will make your mouth water.

9. Sabor Do Brasil, Long Branch, NJ

Suppose you're located in the Long Branch area. In that case, Sabor Do Brasil is where you should go to satisfy your desire for Brazilian food. The fantastic buffet is centered around Brazilian cuisine. Brazilian tradition of flawlessly grilled meats lets you have as many options and variety as you'd like.

10. Mantra, Paramus, NJ

If you visit Mantra in Paramus, you'll first hear, "I want more Indian food." The delectable Indian restaurant provides a great menu of traditional Indian food. No matter what type of cuisine you’re craving, these ten buffets will have something for everyone! So come on down to New Jersey and find your perfect meal today!