Where to Taste the Best Burgers in Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA  Are you hungry for a great burger? Look no further than the best spots in Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, there are some truly unique and delicious burgers to be enjoyed.

Where to Taste the Best Burgers in Pennsylvania

Lucky's Last Chance in Philadelphia

Lucky's Last Chance is not your average bar in Philadelphia, PA. Its lively atmosphere and delicious food offerings have become a go-to spot for locals and tourists. Known for its gourmet burgers, craft cocktails, and substantial beer menu, Lucky's Last Chance is a must-visit for any foodie. One burger that stands out on their menu is the "PB & Bacon." This unique creation combines creamy peanut butter, American cheese, and crispy bacon. It may sound unconventional, but the combination of flavors is surprisingly addictive. It is served with homemade jelly to add another layer of flavor, providing a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Pike Café in Reading

If you find yourself in Reading, PA, visit Pike Cafe. This down-to-earth space offers a great atmosphere to catch up on sports while enjoying a meal. Their menu features many eclectic American eats, perfect for any palate. However, the Peach Bottom Double Decker Burger is an absolute must-try. This masterpiece consists of two mouthwatering 1/2-pound Black Angus brisket burgers. This burger is a flavor explosion and is topped with Sriracha-glazed applewood bacon, caramelized onions, Boursin and provolone cheese, prosciutto, and mushrooms.

Bell Hall in Allentown

Bell Hall in Allentown, PA, is a modern bar that has gained a reputation for its exceptional burgers and tasty brews. Their burger options cater to all tastes, from classic cheeseburgers to gourmet options. The lamb burger with brie cheese, lemon and apricot preserves, and fresh green apple is a standout choice. The combination of flavors creates a unique dining experience, showcasing the creativity and thought put into each dish.

Village Whiskey in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, PA, Village Whiskey is a popular spot for those seeking gourmet pub grub and a wide selection of whiskeys. The Whiskey King burger is a must-try, featuring maple bourbon-glazed cipollini, Roth blue cheese, applewood bacon, and foie gras. The combination of high-quality ingredients makes for a truly indulgent and unforgettable burger.

SouthHouse in South Philadelphia

SouthHouse in South Philadelphia, PA, is a laid-back pub known for its New American fare and extensive beer options. Regarding burgers, "The Big House" is a must-try. This bacon cheeseburger is topped with applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and Dijon ketchup. The harmonious blend of flavors and textures makes for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Butterjoint in Pittsburgh

Butterjoint in Pittsburgh, PA, is a hip spot offering cocktails and mouthwatering bar bites. Their "Fancy Burger" is a must-try, featuring a 6oz Clarion River Organics beef patty topped with Thoma bacon, gruyere cheese, Wellington Aioli, lettuce, and sour dill pickles. Each ingredient complements the other to create a flavor profile that will leave you craving more.

Wert's Cafe in Allentown

Wert's Cafe in Allentown, PA, is a busy eatery that has gained a reputation for its signature burgers and classic American bites. Their Wert's Cheeseburger is a must-try, stuffed with savory mushrooms and onions and topped with cheese. This burger exemplifies the timeless appeal of a delicious, well-crafted cheeseburger.

Burger Shack in Whitehall

The Burger Shack in Whitehall, PA, offers grass-fed beef for all their burger varieties. What sets them apart is their signature move of stuffing their burgers. The Pizza Burger, stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese and topped with more mozzarella, pepperoni, and house-made marinara, is a standout option on their menu. Combining Italian flavors with a juicy burger patty creates a unique and satisfying dining experience.

Route 66 Restaurant in Lancaster

Route 66 Restaurant in Lancaster, PA, is a 1950s-inspired diner that captures the spirit of classic American comfort food. Their quad cheeseburger is a must-try for enthusiasts looking for a hearty meal. Served with a side of crispy mozzarella sticks and golden onion rings, this combination will surely please your hunger and nostalgia.

Earl's New American in New Hope

Earl's New American in New Hope, PA, focuses on regional fare and boasts an impressive wine list. Their "Our Burger" is a must-try, featuring Cabot sharp cheddar, sweet pickle-tomato relish, and a toasted brioche bun. The attention to detail and quality ingredients make this burger a standout choice for those looking to indulge their taste buds.

Charlie Hamburgers in Folsom

For an old-school experience, head to Charlie Hamburgers in Folsom, PA. Dating back to 1935, this institution is known for its made-to-order burgers and classic milkshakes. The Bunny Special is a must-try, featuring just cheese, raw onions, mustard, and a slice of tomato. This simple but tasty combination highlights the burger's flavors without overwhelming the palate.

Bolete Restaurant in Bethlehem

If you find yourself in Bethlehem, make it a priority to visit Bolete Restaurant. This James Beard-nominated eatery, owned by a talented husband-and-wife team, is a culinary gem you won't miss. The star of their menu is the Cast Iron Seared Grass Fed Beef Burger, a mouthwatering creation that is undoubtedly out of this world. For an unforgettable experience, upgrade its "Bolete" style with its delectable mushroom marmalade, which adds a unique and irresistible twist. The dedication to quality and flavor shines through in every bite, establishing Bolete Restaurant as a must-visit destination.

Backyard Ale House in Scranton

Scranton boasts its own burger haven at Backyard Ale House. This lively establishment is buzzing with energy, perfectly complemented by their Electric City burgers. With a diverse range of options, including an exceptional veggie alternative, there's something to satisfy every craving. The burgers are all made fresh by their friendly and skilled staff, ensuring each bite bursts with flavor. Start your meal with their everything pretzel, a delightful appetizer setting the tone for an enjoyable dining experience. Backyard Ale House exemplifies the essence of a great burger joint - delicious food, friendly service, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Burgatory in Pittsburgh

Burgatory in Pittsburgh has garnered a devoted following among burger enthusiasts. With six locations throughout the city, they offer locals and visitors a truly remarkable dining experience. The secret to their success lies in their exceptional combination of chuck, brisket, sirloin, and short rib, creating mouthwatering beef burgers that are a cut above the rest. However, their commitment to variety extends far beyond beef alone. Burgatory delights patrons with various alternative options such as crab, veggie, chicken, bison, and wagyu. Pair it with one of their delicious cocktails or sinful shakes to enhance your meal. The attention to detail and culinary expertise that Burgatory brings to the table is genuinely.

 DJ's Taste of the '50s in Lancaster

In Lancaster, DJ's Taste of the '50s offers patrons a delightful retro throwback experience. They fulfill their theme with over 20 burger varieties while keeping things utterly delicious. The menu caters to all tastes and preferences, ensuring something for everyone. Their commitment to giving back makes DJ's Taste of the '50s even more exceptional. They donate twenty-five cents from every cup of coffee sold to charity, making this stop satisfying for the Taste buds and the heart.

Jackson House in Harrisburg

The Jackson House is an emblem of quality and Taste in Harrisburg. This local favorite boasts an impressive array of burgers that never fail to impress. With no pretentiousness or fuss, The Jackson House brings simplicity and flavor to the forefront while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's easy to see why this restaurant has won the hearts of locals and established itself as a staple in the Harrisburg burger scene. The Jackson House guarantees a perfect time and an unforgettable dining experience from the first bite to the last.

Aussie & The Fox in Lancaster

Located in Lancaster, Aussie, and the Fox is a delightful restaurant that offers a wide selection of mouthwatering burgers. One of their standout options is the Aussie Burger, guaranteed to satisfy any burger enthusiast. This delectable creation includes a juicy beef patty layered with fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, succulent pineapple, griddled onion chutney, tangy pickled beetroot, and a perfectly cooked fried egg. These delicious ingredients are served on a soft and flavorful ciabatta bun, adding an extra layer of texture to this fantastic burger.

Backyard Ale House in Scranton

If you find yourself in Scranton craving a breakfast-inspired burger, Backyard Ale House is the place to go. Their Morning After Burger is the perfect blend of breakfast and burger, featuring a juicy patty topped with crispy bacon, a perfectly cooked egg, and a generous amount of melted cheese. Served on an English muffin, this incredible creation is accompanied by a side of crispy chips, flavorful coleslaw, and a refreshing pickle, making it a complete meal guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Elevation Burger in Allentown

In Allentown, Elevation Burger offers the Vertigo Burger, a towering challenge for those with a big appetite. This burger allows you to order between three and ten juicy meat patties piled high with your choice of toppings. Whether you opt for classic cheese, crispy bacon, or tangy pickles, each bite will take you on a flavor journey that will leave you in awe of its sheer size and deliciousness.

Four54 Grill in Lancaster

To taste Texas in Lancaster, head to Four54 Grill, where they serve the tantalizing Texas Burger. This burger is a true Texas delight, featuring pepper jack cheese that adds a spicy kick, sweet onion marmalade for a touch of sweetness, crispy onion rings for a satisfying crunch, and applewood bacon to complement the juicy beef patty. This goodness is nestled between a perfectly grilled brioche bun, providing the ideal canvas to bring these flavors together in perfect harmony.

Good Dog Bar & Restaurant in Philadelphia

Good Dog Bar & Restaurant is a must-visit for burger lovers in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. Their Good Dog Burger is a half-pound sirloin burger stuffed with creamy Roquefort cheese and topped with caramelized onions. Served on a soft buttery brioche bun, this burger epitomizes indulgence and comfort food. Each bite is a burst of rich flavors that will leave you craving more.

The Keys in Scranton

If you find yourself in Scranton on a Wednesday, visit The Keys for their mouthwatering stuffed burger special. This weekly treat allows guests to enjoy hand-stuffed burgers for an unbeatable price of $5. Accompanied by an impressive beer selection, it is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a delicious burger while exploring the exciting flavors of different fillings and toppings.

Prohibition Taproom in Philadelphia

Prohibition Taproom in Philadelphia takes pride in serving high-quality burgers made with 100% grass-fed beef sourced from Kensington Quarters. Their signature burger features the juicy grass-fed patty topped with Hope Springs cheddar, crisp lettuce, and savory haystack onions. This combination creates a flavor profile that is both rich and satisfying.

Sassafras Bar in Philadelphia

Sassafras Bar in Philadelphia offers a unique twist on the classic burger for those looking for a culinary adventure. You can build your own burger masterpiece at this establishment using various meat options such as ostrich, bison, lamb, or sirloin. As if that weren't enough, for an additional $3, you can take your creation to the next level by opting for the "Gangster Style" upgrade, which includes mouthwatering additions like caramelized onions and Gruyère or the bold combination of bleu cheese and bacon.

Stack'd in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, Stack'd lets you unleash your creativity by allowing you to create your own burger from a wide array of sauces and toppings. The possibilities are endless, from the traditional classics to more unconventional choices like peanut butter or Fritos. This unique concept ensures a burger suits every palate and caters to those seeking adventurous flavor combinations.

Winghart's Burgers, Beer, and Whiskey in Pittsburgh

Winghart's Burgers, Beer, and Whiskey in Pittsburgh is a haven for burger enthusiasts looking for unique flavors. The Jefferson's Repeal burger is a standout option featuring the bold flavors of Jame'O sauce, tangy fried onions, and a generous serving of Irish whiskey cheese. This combination offers a taste experience that will leave a lasting impression.