Tiffin Indian Cuisine Opens in Malvern PA

 MALVERN, PA –  The Narula Restaurant Group is pleased to announce the opening of its 10th unit in Malvern PA, last week. In just 15 years, the rich aromas and exotic flavors of Indian Cuisine have become so popular across the country that South Asian specialties have become menu favorites for the mainstream American palate.

Tiffin Indian Cuisine Opens in Malvern PA

Leveraging more adventurous culinary tastes and the growing Indian-American community in the Delaware Valley, the regional chain of Tiffin Restaurants has propelled much of the demand for Indian Cuisine.

The steady residential and commercial development growth and a significant Indian-American population in Malvern, PA created a demand for this newest Tiffin outpost.

"After some 15 years Tiffin has established itself across the region," says founder and CEO Munish Narula. "Because so many of our customers enjoy their Tiffin meals during the work week from our center city, South Philly and three and Mainline locations, there is enormous demand for us to open near where they live."

 Food at Tiffin is literally the secret sauce. While all the dishes retain the traditional preparation techniques, character, and flavor profiles to please native South Asian patrons, the option to order each dish "Spicy - Medium - Mild" avoids the anxiety some diners feel about trying exotic new dishes for the first time. 

Judging from national and regional accolades and awards garnered over the years, most recently named Reader's Choice for Favorite Take Out by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the formula is working!

Tiffin has also made the process of enjoying Indian Cuisine much more accessible. All of their restaurants are in prime retail locations, including popular shopping centers. Tiffin offers dine-in seating service in bright, clean and well-appointed dining rooms with attentive and friendly service.  

Notably the pandemic put the Tiffin custom designed, proprietary online ordering system to the ultimate test. Unlike other restaurants forced to cut back on staff during the height of the Covid-19 threat, it was the sophisticated online delivery and takeout service that saw Tiffin achieve double digit year over year growth across the entire Tiffin network during 2020 - 2021. The flood of new customers has strengthened the Tiffin database helping to keep them coming for the regular menu and creative dining offers, seasonal and holiday specials.

Tiffin is always conscious of its broader civic responsibilities, like conducting one of the region's largest complimentary food delivery programs to embattled hospital staff during the height of the pandemic.

The company also made history offering a solution to a problem the City of Philadelphia had been grappling with during the pandemic. The explosion of trash and littering associated with the takeout food boom during the Covid-19 lockdown, was reaching crisis point when after extensive research and testing Tiffin found the right containers -- both effective and affordable -- and is now instructing other food establishments on how to cut the trash and litter through a city sponsored program.

In fact, having come up with the washable reusable returnable takeout containers solution before the city, they had to delay launching it within Philadelphia until new health code legislation could be drafted. 

The innovative Return2Tiffin  environmentally friendly Sustainable Reusable Takeout Container program has been a huge success, cutting single use plastics container volume by more than 40% in the last two years.