The Rocky Statue and Art Museum Steps

PHILADELPHIA - Two of the most iconic must-see attractions in Philadelphia are The Rocky Statue and the "Rocky Steps." The statue is located at the bottom right of the Philadelphia Art Museum's steps. It is one of the cities most famous pieces of public art created by artist A. Thomas Schomberg.

The Rocky Statue and Art Museum Steps

The pice was made in 1980 for a scene in the Rocky III film of fictional Rocky Balboa immortalized in bronze for the Rocky movies.

The Rocky Statue and Steps

Stallone donated the statue after filming was complete to the city. It has become one of the cities most famous landmarks. Since its public display at the museum steps, tens of thousands of visitors per year trek up the steps to recreate the scene from the legendary movie and make their way up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The Rocky statue has been located at the bottom of the Art Museum steps since 2006-- previously, it was at the top of the steps.

Visiting the Rocky statue is a must on any bucket list visit to Philly. Located at Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway