A Philly Freestyle Extravaganza: Jae Mazor Headlines Craft Hall with Local Legends

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia's freestyle music roots run deep, and on May 17th, the city's vibrant legacy will be on full display when international recording artist Jae Mazor takes the stage at Craft Hall. This concert isn't just about Mazor's return to Philly – it's a celebration of the city's unique connection to a genre that still has a devoted following.

Jae Mazor Headlines Craft Hall with Local Legends
Jae Mazor Headlines Craft Hall with Local Legends

Joining Mazor on the bill are a trio of artists whose careers were shaped by the sounds of Philly's dance clubs and radio stations back in the genre's heyday. Denine, Peter Fontaine, and Jesseee B all bring their own flavors of freestyle to the stage, promising a night of nostalgia and energetic beats.

Meet the Philly Legends

  • Denine: This South Philly native was a freestyle sensation, her powerful voice a fixture on radio stations up and down the East Coast. Her breakout collaboration with Adam Marano, "Then Came You," became a certified freestyle classic, and her album "To Be Continued" solidified her place in the genre's history.

  • Peter Fontaine: Known for his dynamic stage presence and heartfelt vocals, Fontaine made his mark with hits like "The Way She Looks at Me" and "Just Like the Wind." His journey began in New York City's vibrant hip-hop scene, but he quickly found his calling in the world of freestyle.

  • Jesseee B: As the former frontman of Legacy, Jesseee B brought a Chicago flavor to freestyle, blending smooth vocals with catchy beats and even a touch of rap. Legacy's songs like "Girls Do It Just For Fun" and "Time Is Right" were radio staples, finding success beyond the boundaries of traditional freestyle.

Jae Mazor: The Headliner Returns

While the night is a showcase for Philly talent, the main attraction is undoubtedly Jae Mazor. Mazor is a multifaceted artist whose R&B-infused sound has expanded the boundaries of freestyle. His hits like "Tell Me You Love Me" have topped charts around the world, and his collaborations with major artists like Zoey Dollaz solidify his global reach.

More Than Just Music

The Phreestyle Philly Concert isn't just about the music – it's about the vibe. With DJ Slice hosting and DJ Spinatra keeping the energy high between sets, this is a night designed for freestyle and R&B aficionados. It's a chance to reminisce, dance, and connect with a community that still cherishes the joyful energy of the freestyle era.

Get Your Tickets and Get to Craft Hall

Tickets for this Philly freestyle extravaganza are available online (https://www.ticketleap.events/tickets/phreestylephillyconcert/phreestyle-philly-concert) or at the door. The show starts promptly at 9 pm on May 17th. Doors open at 7 pm, so get there early to claim your spot and enjoy the atmosphere at Craft Hall (901 N. Delaware Avenue), home to Mainstay Independent Brewing Company.

A Night to Remember

Whether you're a lifelong freestyle fan or just curious about a vibrant piece of Philly music history, this concert is sure to be an unforgettable experience. It's a celebration of a genre, a city, and the enduring power of music to bring people together.