Lemur Island at The Philadelphia Zoo

PHILADELPHIA - Step inside and share a space with our family of ring-tailed and mongoose lemurs at Lemur Island! This brand-new walk-through experience takes you inside their exhibit outside PECO Primate Reserve– no fences, moats, or barriers of any kind.

Photo: Lemur Island at The Philadelphia Zoo

This experience brings you right next to these endangered species, helping guests grow a greater appreciation of what makes them so unique and why they need our protection.
“Philadelphia Zoo has one of the most diverse collections of lemur species in North America,” says the Andrew J. Baker Curator of Primates and Small Mammals Michael Stern. “We love seeing the joy on guests’ faces as they enter the experience and come within feet of these lemur families. We are thankful to all the Zoo teams who worked together to bring this experience to our guests for 2023.”

Ring-tailed Lemur Facts

●     Ring-tailed lemurs are named for their long black and white ringed tail, which always ends in a black tip
●     Ring-tailed lemurs spend much of their time on the ground, and this species is the only living semi-terrestrial lemur
●     IUCN Status: Endangered. Habitat loss and hunting are the most significant causes of concern

Mongoose Lemur Facts

●     Mongoose lemurs love nectar, which makes them essential pollinators in their native forest
●     Their fur is heavy and wooly, and they are sexually dichromatic. Males have gray to brown backs, pale faces, red cheeks, and beards.
●     IUCN Status: Critically Endangered. Their range is fragmented and in all is less than 10,000 km2.