Without A Cue New Show “PHRIENDS”

PHILADELPHIA - Are Ross and Rachel on another break? Will Phoebe ever find a babysitter for her nieces and nephew?  And is someone trying to share food with Joey?! Without A Cue Productions presents “PHRIENDS,” an interactive murder mystery show opening October 28, 2022, at Counter Culture - 514 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Before the night is over, someone will be a victim of some friendly fire.

Without A Cue New Show “PHRIENDS”

Phriends are acted out by iconic characters Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey. These six friends take a trip down to Philadelphia for the opening of “Fairmount Perk,” a cafe chain started by Gunther. However, the fun doesn’t last too long as drama stirs up between the friends and some unexpected guests make an appearance. During the show, there will also be a scavenger hunt that can be played through an app on your smartphone.

Phriends is Without A Cue’s third major production in Philadelphia. The show preceded the entertainment agency’s Golden Girls show and walking tour murder mystery series. However, the American sitcom spin-off was set to be produced in 2020 but fell short due to the effects of COVID-19. While the agency pivoted to alternatives to entertain guests safely during COVID, PHRIENDS was preserved later so people could gather safely and comfortably.

"We are so excited to be able to open PHRIENDS finally - The One With Murder after a more than two-year wait,” said Without A Cue Productions’ Founder and Executive Director Traci Connaughton. “We are especially thrilled to be able to partner with Counter Culture on South Street to bring this uniquely Philadelphia-centric project to a uniquely Philadelphia-centric venue."
Photo Credit: Jessica Briggs Photography

Throughout the show, guests can enjoy cocktail service from the Philadelphia-based company Pops McCann Whiskey, including beer, wine, and a coffee-themed cocktail, all while sitting in the “Fairmount Perk” coffee shop. Counter Culture is a modern spin on meeting spaces and serves as a vibrant landmark on South Street. The venue has teamed up with the hipster bar “Tattooed Mom” to create rare artwork deriving from 50 Philadelphia street artists, covering the four walls of Counter Culture, creating an unmatched experience. Once entering the show, guests will be transported to a 90’s inspired environment as they try to solve the mysterious murder.

“Counter Culture could not be more excited to host Without A Cue’s interactive murder mystery event that is based on the popular show “Friends,” said Co-Founder of Counter Management LLC Christian Dalzell. “We feel our eclectic space will compliment Without A Cue’s production of “Phriends” culminating in a ton of fun for everyone.”

Without A Cue Productions offers a variety of events, including virtual adventures, custom events, team building, walking tours, and kids' entertainment, all of which provide attendees with a unique and funny experience. This unique entertainment agency offers authentic live shows to those residing or visiting in the tri-state area.