Margolis Unveiled: Fishtown's Sultry New Hotspot for Cocktails

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Something special has arrived in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Margolis, the newest jewel in the neighborhood's nightlife crown, is more than just a cocktail lounge – it's a portal to a world of sophisticated indulgence and curated experiences.

Margolis Unveiled: Fishtown's Sultry New Hotspot for Cocktails
Margolis Unveiled: Fishtown's Sultry New Hotspot for Cocktails

A Cocktail Menu with Philly Pride

At the heart of Margolis lies a cocktail list that pays homage to Philadelphia's vibrant spirit. Each signature creation is a story in a glass inspired by beloved landmarks and iconic neighborhoods. Sip on the "Balboa," a knockout punch paying tribute to Rocky, featuring local Four Grain Whiskey and a luxurious touch of Benedictine. Or, try the "Spring Garden," a refreshing ode to the street's energy, bursting with Bluecoat Gin and elderflower liqueur. With locally distilled spirits and unexpected flavor combinations, every drink is an adventure.

Atmosphere that Seduces

Step inside Margolis housed within the entertainment mecca of Fabrika, and prepare to be transported. The dimly lit space oozes speakeasy allure with its turn-of-the-century ambiance. Sink into plush couches, cozy bar seats, or intimate high tops as live DJs expertly spin a soundtrack that elevates the night. Stunning charcuterie boards offer the perfect accompaniment to your skillfully crafted cocktail.

Where Every Night is an Occasion

Margolis isn't just about having a drink; it's about immersing yourself in an atmosphere that crackles with sophistication and a hint of mystery. Whether you're seeking an intimate date night spot, a vibrant backdrop for a night out with friends, or a unique venue for a private party, Margolis delivers the unforgettable.

Margolis officially opens its doors on May 17th, 2024. into a world where every sip, every beat, and every moment is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.

Margolis: It's where Fishtown goes to escape the ordinary.