LMNO Baja Mexican in Fishtown Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA - LMNO is the brainchild of Stephen Starr and Serge Becker. Located in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, LMNO merges lo-fi sensibilities with a vibrant, eclectic atmosphere centered around a custom live-fire grill.

LMNO - a new Baja Mexican

LMNO is the long-anticipated brainchild of Stephen Starr and designed by Serge Becker, the visionary behind New York City’s most dynamic restaurant and nightlife concepts such as The Box, La Esquina, Miss Lily's, and more. The 6,000 sq ft space will feature over 200 seats dispersed across multiple spaces — the verdant garden room, the sprawling outdoor veranda, and a curated bookshop in partnership with New York City’s Dashwood Books that converts into a private dining area.

Offering Baja-Mexican staples like fresh seafood, roasted meats in crispy tacos, fire-roasted vegetables, and agave spirits, LMNO revels in refined simplicity. Lithe and lighthearted, timely, and transportive, LMNO is not just somewhere you will want to eat — it’s a place you will want to be. See Full Article at PhillyBite Magazine: LMNO, Stephen Starr's New Baja Mexican Concept