Celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th at Ramon Susan's Bake Shop

Philadelphia, PA - May the Fourth Be With You. Ramona Susan's Bake Shop in Philadelphia is the place to celebrate Star Wars Day. Two locations are available in Fishtown (1255 Marlborough St), and South Street/Graduate Hospital (1420 South St).

Celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th at Ramon Susan's Bake Shop

Enjoy some custom creations that are out of this world with a hint of nostalgia. Star Wars Dunkaroos, Baby Yoda Cupcakes, Jabba the Hutt Marshmallows, Galactic Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Galaxy Cakes are among the specials. You can order ahead of time on the website and you will find limited quantities in each store until they are sold out.

Ramona Susan's is also celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Friday by offering a Tequila Lime Curd Cupcake as well as their Margarita Mixers in classic, guava, and passionfruit. Next week, the May theme continued with Mother's Day Mom Cakes, Mother's Day Cookie Kits, lemon curd Cheesecake, gluten-free cherry cheesecake, and other pretty creations in pink to show Mom how sweet she is. For more information and ordering, visit https://ramonasusansbakeshop.com and call Fishtown at (215) 203-1980 and South Street at (215) 315-8406.

Ramona Susan's Bake Shop offers nostalgic treats since 2015. Betty Halpenny, Elly Koenig and Betty Halpenny are partners in the bakery. Betty's mother Mona (Ramona Susan) inspired the idea and branding. The bake shop's concept is to create all desserts from scratch on-site, with an emphasis on quality and flavor. The bake shop is a destination for Moms and Dads who long for the desserts their mothers made with love, and want to share that experience with their children but don't have time.

They combine Ramon Susan's essence with a few their childhood favorites to create each dessert. Each dessert should be tasty without fuss. No 18-ingredient recipes. The focus is on classics that are easier to make and celebrates simpler times. The bakery offers cookies, cakes and cheesecakes as well as puddings, brownies and cupcakes. The two are known for their holiday treats and love to showcase their creativity. The bakery is also a premier destination for gluten-free and vegan treats in the region.