Susana Balbo of Susana Balbo Wines

PHILADELPHIA - Born into a traditional family, Susana chose to study nuclear physics in Bariloche. Because her parents refused to let her leave Mendoza, Susana decided to follow the family wine business professionally, challenging the contemporary social beliefs at the time as a women winemaker.

In 1981, Susana received her degree in enology and became the first woman in Argentina to do so. Throughout her career as a winemaker, Susana had the opportunity to work internationally and became the first Argentinean woman consultant to wineries worldwide: Spain, Chile, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and California.

This experience allowed her to always be ahead of market trends and wine styles. Susana’s life reached its peak in 1999 with the birth of Susana Balbo Wines. She was able to achieve her lifelong dream of having her own winery and creating her own wines.

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