Urban Farmer Hosts B-Side Dinner

Philadelphia, PA – Urban Farmer Philadelphia, the rural-chic farm-to-table mainstay located in historic Logan Square, is hosting a very special B-Side Dinner on Thursday, May 19, 2022, starting at 6:30 PM. Known for his bold and inventive culinary takes.

Urban Farmer Hosts B-Side Dinner

Executive Chef Sonny Ingui, along with Urban Farmer’s In-House Butcher Dan Drago, is delivering a delectable six-course line-up featuring cuts of beef that are hard to find on a typical steakhouse menu. Every course arrives arm in arm with beer pairings selected by the Founder of Victory Brewing Co., Bill Covaleski.

Inspired by everyone’s favorite collectible audio medium, the menu’s theme reflects the other side of a vinyl – one that often contains sentimental favorites that don’t usually get as much play. Guests will enjoy a celebration of esoteric steak cuts such as bresaola, beef cheek, and 7X Zabuton, among others. Dinner will be hosted on the Urban Farmer patio (communal) (weather permitting) for the first five courses. At the end of the meal, guests are in for a very special surprise. Diners will be invited to enjoy their dessert with one of Philadelphia’s most scenic vistas at Assembly Rooftop Lounge, the swanky ninth-floor cocktail bar and lounge overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

“Everyone always remembers the A-Side hits but sometimes the best songs from an album for people are the ones most people never listen to or get forgotten,” said Nathan AyresGeneral Manager of Urban Farmer Philadelphia. “At Urban Farmer, our A-Side includes Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and the like. This menu focuses on some amazing parts of the cow that sometimes people don't get to see on a menu or have forgotten how great those cuts really are!” 

Executive Chef Sonny Ingui will be offering his expertise table-side and providing diners with history and background about each cut as it’s being served. Victory Brewing Co. Founder Bill Covaleski will also offer insight on the beer pairings with each course. The B-Side Dinner Menu comes with six courses, or “tracks,” including dessert.