Ice Cream Sandwiches at Weckerly's

PHILADELPHIA - Ice Cream Sandwiches at Weckerly's. Are a popular summertime treat. The ice cream is made by hand using organic milk, guaranteed to be the perfect treat, especially on a hot summer day. You'll want to go back for seconds and thirds. Try to save room for a homemade scone, which is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Weckerly's

Weckerly's Ice Cream Sandwich is an iconic Philadelphian treat. Its dense, egg-yolk-rich flavor is perfect for a quick bite, and the store has a variety of flavors to choose from. A favorite among patrons is the Creme Fraiche Cranberry, but the entire menu rotates regularly.

The ice-cream hoagie is a trendy sandwich at Weckerly's, where it sold out in less than 20 minutes. The new ice cream sandwich is sweet potato roll and fresh hoagie bread. The resulting creation combines two flavors in one delicious sandwich. Owners Andy and Jen admit that making their ice cream is the best part of their job. They say that their customers love their ice cream sandwiches and can't stop eating them.

About Weckerly's in Philly

Weckerly's is a Fishtown micro-creamery that features hand-crafted ice cream and dense ice cream sandwiches. While many flavors are on the menu, Cogswell's Creme Fraiche Cranberry is one of our personal favorites. The menu is constantly changing, and you can expect new additions every few weeks.