Max Brenner The Chocolate Themed Restaurant in Philly

PHILADELPHIA - A visit to this chocolate shop is a treat for the entire family. In addition to chocolate, you can order the restaurant's signature chocolates and even order a bottle of wine or a glass of beer to go with your meal.

The Chocolate Themed Restaurant in Philly

Besides tasting the decadent treats, you can also enjoy cocktails, wine, and beer in the center city. The location is conveniently located in Philadelphia, so you can grab a treat anytime.

A visit to this place will be a family outing or a place to indulge your inner child. A family-friendly atmosphere is a key to the experience, but the kids are not forgotten here. There are a variety of desserts and kid-friendly options.

The restaurant is located in Israel, but it is also kosher. Unlike many other chocolate shops in Philadelphia, the items here are very specific to Max Brenner. The menu is available in a few different languages, but German's original language. Despite the language barrier, you can still order a delicious dessert.

In addition to its chocolates, customers can enjoy drinks at the restaurant, including cocktails, wines, and beers. There is even a bar where you can purchase your favorite wine. It's worth checking out the menu before heading to the restaurant, as it will give you a better idea of what to order.

The hours of the restaurant vary according to COVID-19, so contact the location ahead of time to confirm their business hours and availability.

Max Brenner is located at 1500 Walnut Street in Pennsylvania. So, make sure you visit and taste the chocolate! If you're planning a trip to the area, be sure to check out the latest menu.