First cookbook from Bee Wilson, THE SECRET OF COOKING

The Secret of Cooking: Recipes for an Easier Kitchen Life (on sale on September 26, 2023) is the latest project and first cookbook from acclaimed food journalist Bee Wilson. It's a culinary companion that simplifies cooking and makes it more fun, whether you are cooking for yourself or a group.

Bee Wilson, dubbed "A congenial Kitchen Oracle" by the New York Times, has spent many years gathering cooking secrets. She's learned how to speed up cooking or slow it down. She's also collected strategies for those days when time is at a premium and ideas for when you want to indulge in kitchen therapy. Bee Wilson offers a helping hand to those who want accessible, delicious recipes. She has quick feasts made from cans of beans, fast, medium, and slow ragus, and seven different ways to cook carrots.

Bee also offers 140 recipes, including Zucchini and Herb fritters, a Grated Tomato and Butter Pasta Sauce with or without Shrimp, and other ways to make your box grater do the work for you. Bee also includes leisurely projects, such as an Aromatic All Purpose Curry Powder, and fast food for friends, such as Bulgar and Eggplant Pilaf, topped with pistachio and lemon.

Wilson's advice on cleaning, seasoning, and selecting the best equipment reimagines cooking in the modern world and puts the spark back into the everyday meal. Bee says, "There's magic in the cooking; if only you know where to find it."

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