Bartram's Garden in Wissahickon Valley Park

PHILADELPHIA - You might have heard of Bartram's Garden, but have you visited it? This beautiful Garden is located in Wissahickon Valley Park and offers free boating and community gardening experiences. Members can enjoy sunset paddles on Tuesdays.

The gardens are a unique historical and natural site that offers both free and membership benefits. Here, you can visit a greenhouse and seasonal blooms. The Bartram's Garden is also a wonderful place to get hands-on and learn about gardening.

The Garden was in the family until the 1850s. In the early eighteenth century, John Bartram purchased the land from the Swedish settlers. The Garden's flora and fauna became famous worldwide after Bartram bought it. He continued his father's work by publishing plant publications and developed a friendship with William Hamilton, the owner of the Woodlands and a horticulturalists. These two men helped create one of the most significant gardens of their time. Thomas Jefferson noted this friendship. Andrew Eastwick purchased the land and maintained it until it became a Philadelphia park.

If you've been looking for a hidden gem in Philadelphia, look no further than the historic Botanical Garden located on the riverfront. The Garden is run by the John Bartram Association in conjunction with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. It contains a beautiful collection of trees and plants, but it also offers recreational access to the Tidal Schuylkill River. It also has sections of the East Coast Greenway and John Bowman Bartram Special Collections Library, which hold a vast collection of documents and materials related to the history of Philadelphia.