Philly Bierfest 2024

Philly Bierfest 2024 is an annual beer festival that has garnered numerous awards for its celebration of Pennsylvania's German brewing heritage. This year, the festival is taking its dedication to the next level by also honoring the incredible contributions of female brewers. Set to take place on February 24 from 2-5:30 pm, this highly anticipated event will be held at the historic German Society of Pennsylvania.

Philly Bierfest 2024
Philly Bierfest 2024

The festival promises an unforgettable experience with six floors filled with various activities and attractions. Attendees can expect to indulge in over 50 German-style beers from 25 Pennsylvania craft brewers, along with a selection of imported beers straight from Germany. This diverse beer selection ensures that everyone will find a brew they love.

One of the highlights of the festival will be the German Beer Ambassador Award, which aims to pay homage to Carol Stoudt. She holds the prestigious title of being the first female brewmaster in the USA and is also Pennsylvania's first craft brewer. This award recognizes her outstanding achievements and inspirational influence in the brewing industry.

Beyond the beer, Philly Bierfest 2024 offers an array of additional attractions. Attendees can explore a PA Cheese Cave & Cider Bar, where they can pair their favorite brews with delicious local cheeses. Live entertainment will provide a lively atmosphere throughout the event, and there will be educational opportunities such as a beer pairing seminar and a PA Women Brewers Panel, where attendees can learn more about the craft of brewing.

Moreover, Bierfest aims to showcase Pennsylvania's rich German brewing heritage and foster a sense of pride amongst Pennsylvanians regarding their state's longstanding tradition of brewing exceptional German-style lagers. The event wholeheartedly welcomes families, and to accommodate parents, a 'kinder-care' service will be available.

In addition to all these exciting features, Bierfest includes the Home Sweet HomeBräu Taste-Off, allowing amateur brewers to showcase their skills. The winner of this competition will have the incredible opportunity to brew a commercial batch of their recipe in collaboration with My Local Brew Works, a renowned local brewery.

With over two dozen Pennsylvania craft and legacy brewers in attendance, as well as a variety of German imported beers, Philly Bierfest 2024 serves as a platform for local brewers to shine and promotes the state's thriving beer industry. Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration of beer, heritage, and female brewers at the Philly Bierfest 2024!