Banksy Was Here Exhibition in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - Banksy exhibition set to open at the Philadelphia Fashion District this coming weekend - through January 31, 2022. 

Banksy Was Here Exhibition in Philadelphia
Banksy Was Here invites guests into the universe of one of the world's most mysterious and elusive artists. The selection of masterpieces and a unique virtual reality experience allows Philly residents to enjoy a highly educational and descriptive voyage through the artist’s world and career.  
Over 80 pieces will be part of the immersive experience - including genuine originals and certified artworks. These pieces come from private collections and in collaboration with Lilley Fine Art/ Contemporary Art Gallery. 
While some pieces have traveled to 15 cities, Exhibition Hub and Fever have selected our city of Philadelphia as the world premiere of the new Banksy Was Here Exhibition. 
Tickets are on sale now, and doors are set to open this Saturday. Please find full press details and the first media-quality images - and more will be added over the next week. 
This exhibit is timed perfectly with the holidays as millions of visitors and suburbanites come into Center City for holiday festivities and shopping. Also, please consider coverage of January/winter events and things to do - as well as for events for families, date nights, winter/cold/rainy days, and things to do for art lovers.