Things to Do in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - If you're thinking of visiting Philadelphia, there are a few things that you must do! The birthplace of our nation is definitely worth a visit, and the city boasts tons of historical landmarks and sites. From cobblestone streets to original courtyards, you'll find many places to see.

Photo: Visit Philly

The city has a world-class park system. And public transportation in Philadelphia ranks among the best in the nation. Take advantage of the clean and efficient SEPTA buses and trains.

A Visit To City Hall

If you're wondering why City Hall is so impressive, there are many reasons. The building's art deco exterior features hundreds of intricate sculptures by Alexander Milne Calder. These pieces tell the story of Philadelphia in the late 19th century, and you can see them even without a guided tour. Calder also created sculptures of local wildlife. The building also showcases the works of several other famous sculptors.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall, better known as the State House, is the oldest public building in the United States. It was conceived in 1732 as the largest building in the thirteen colonies. Andrew Hamilton, a noted lawyer, oversaw the planning and acted to ensure its completion. The Pennsylvania Provincial government paid for the building piecemeal until it was finished 21 years later.


Philadelphians are obsessed with pretzels. Philadelphians eat 12 times the national average of pretzels each year. While not exactly the healthiest of foods, Philadelphians enjoy soft pretzels and often top them with a bit of yellow mustard to make them extra chewy. And the city's famous street food carts are a perfect example.


If you love beefsteaks, you've probably had one of Philadelphia's legendary cheesesteaks. These sandwiches feature thin slices of beefsteak and melted cheese between two pieces of bread, served on a long hoagie roll. The cheesesteak has a long history, and Philadelphia has long been the heart of the sandwich's popularity.


Springtime in Philadelphia is festival season, and there are a variety of events to choose from. There's something for everyone in Philly, from food and music festivals to science and gardening events.

Public transportation

Philly has an extensive public transportation system known as SEPTA. It includes subway trains in some parts of the city and regional trains. Although some routes are difficult to figure out, many SEPTA bus routes are available. Buses are also abundant, with many operating 24 hours a day. Day passes are cheap and cover up to eight rides. Depending on your needs, you can even pay with a smart card.