Philly PR Girl Brings Back Turkey Day Tailgate

Philadelphia, PA - Events are back & they are better than ever! Philly PR Girl is happy to announce that Turkey Day Tailgate is taking on the Eagles/Saints game at the Lincoln Financial Field on November 21st for the 6th year! Supported by official partners Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence and The O’Hara Home Team, the Philly PR Girl team has begun gearing up for this ‘pregame time event.

Philly PR Girl Brings Back Turkey Day Tailgate

Proceeds of the event ticket sales will go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence, allowing for direct donations to the organization. Starting early at 9:00 am, the tailgate will be full of Thanksgiving-inspired food, seasonal cocktails with a special apple cider hot toddy bar by Diageo Hospitality, local brews, a trailer with large TVs, a DJ accompanied by VIP hosts, and various raffles that include one-of-a-kind items. This is not your typical tailgate! The event closes around 12:00 pm before the game begins. Tickets will be available starting Tuesday, September 21st at an ‘early-bird rate and sold through October.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence are proud to be alongside Philly PR Girl for Turkey Day Tailgate for the second time. Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence supports the mentorship of young children through adolescence to develop positive relationships that have a lasting effect. They are actively recruiting new volunteers to serve as role models and “bigs” to youth. Proceeds from the event and the special silent auction raffles will go directly towards the initiatives of this amazing organization.

“Having the Turkey Day Tailgate back this year marks a return to celebrating our beloved Eagles, but also in aiding our community and supporting our local youth through mentoring programs. We are honored to partner with Philly PR Girl and the O’Hara Home Team on this family-friendly event, and we are excited to see everyone who comes out to join us. Go Eagles” Marcus Allen, Chief Executive Officer at Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence.

Kate Marlys, Owner of Philly PR Girl, says, "Giving back is a core principle at Philly PR Girl, especially during the holidays. We have supported countless organizations over the years. I'm so excited to be partnering with Big Brother Big Sister Independence again and can't wait to tailgate for good!"

While supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence, Turkey Day Tailgate sets out to share Philadelphia's pride through the passion of sports. .