Ghostbusters The Murder Mystery Walking Tour

PEDDLER'S VILLAGE - Without a Cue, Productions returns to Peddler's Village for the fall theater season with a brand new outdoor open-air murder mystery show and walking tour - this is new in the last two years as the 20-year-old theatre company pivots during COVID. They came, they died, they might be ghosts…or not.

Join the GhostDusters as they discuss Bucks County’s famous haunts. But beware: While some of the ghost tales are true, some may be…less than authentic. Can you guess which stories are true and which are phantoms? Prizes will be awarded to those who know their Bucks County ghosts, but beware…We’re ready to deceive you! Tickets are already on sale and available for $25.00 each. Peddler’s Village and Without A Cue Productions are following all local and state health and safety protocols, and they will continue to do so and evolve their protocols as the dates get closer.Friday, September 10 to Sunday, November 7, 2021

Without a Cue Productions
Ghostbusters: Murder Mystery Walking Tour
Every Friday and Sunday - various times
Held outside at Peddler's Village
Outdoor walking theatre murder mystery show