Types of Garage Door Openers

PHILADELPHIA - For years, garage owners have used automated garage doors to open and close their garage quickly. It is a significant advantage because they can unlock their garage without stepping out of their car. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

In this article, we’ve enlisted the different types of garage door openers that are available for your automatic garage door. Also, you can see here the new garage door opener that has an outstanding feature.

After your new garage door installation, make sure that you read the article below so that you’ll have an idea of what kind of opener is suited for you. 

Typical Garage Door Opener Types

The most common garage door openers that garage owners widely use are the following:

Chain-driven Opener

A chain-driven opener is identical to a bike chain connected to the metal bar that pulls and pushes the trolley to function the garage door. If your garage is placed under your bedroom, you might experience loud noise due to the vibration and direct contact with the metal of the chain to the door.

If the chain-driven openers become faulty, you can replace them with a newer chain-drive unit with a soft stop and start technology that is quieter than your old unit. If you need a garage door opener installation, you can always contact a team of professionals. 

Belt-driven Garage Door Opener

In terms of functioning, the belt drive is similar to the design of chain-drive units. It also pushes and pulls the trolley to open and close your garage door.

However, they are dissimilar in what item pushes and pulls the trolley. The belt drive is made with polyurethane, fiberglass, or reinforced rubber. One advantage of belt-driven over chain-drive is that the belt-drive is quieter than the chain drive opener.  

But, a belt-drive opener is more expensive than a chain drive that can cost about $30-60$.

Screw-driven Opener

As the motor rotates with the rod, you can see that the screw-driven opener moves on a threaded steel rod. That’s because this design is built with a few movable parts, which has less maintenance than other garage door openers. 

However, in regions with extreme swings in temperature from winter to summer, this type of opener may be troublesome. In addition, the screw-drive opener is noisier than the belt-drive openers. As a result, this could be a nuisance to you and your family, especially when the garage is situated beneath your bedroom.

That being said, the manufacturers of screw-drive openers recently upgraded their items regarding annoying sound and temperature sensitivity. Furthermore, a screw-driven garage door opener is the fastest among the other openers. It has an opening speed of ten to twelve inches per second compared to the usual six to eight inches per second.

DC Motor Opener

DC-powered openers are faster, quieter, smoother, and even lighter operating than AC garage door motors. Additionally, dc motors come with an adjustable speed that has a soft start and stops technology.

Furthermore, DC motors a battery backup system. With contemporary models, the battery of the dc-motor is blended with opener housing. This battery backup system is essential when there’s a power outage. If the power fails, you can still operate your garage door opener for up to two days. But, it depends on how you often use the door.