About My Local Brew Works

My Local Brew Works takes a multifaceted approach to nano brewing with three areas of business — contract brewing, special events, and direct-to-public. Founded by 2020’s Home Sweet Homebrau Competition People’s Choice winners, Wayne Humphrey and Tim Montague, MLBW began in 2010 when the two started homebrewing in a Philadelphia backyard and never looked back.

The essence of what makes MLBW different is its ability and ingenuity in creating several beers of various styles and strengths, from the same original mash, and the name “My Local” derives from the British expression of referring to one’s favorite or village pub as “my local”, which Tim picked up on when garnering his Ph.D. in England and gaining a passion for beer.

Additionally, MLB offers unique experiences for clients who want a say in the brewing process, to brew with friends, or to enjoy a unique team-building experience. My Local Brew Works is located in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia, nestled in the historical Global Dye Works building.