Where to Find Draft Latte in Philadelphia

The Coffee at La Colombe in Philadelphia - In the past, it's been challenging to find a coffee shop that can produce a cup of java that tastes as good as the one at La Colombe. The coffee at La Colombe in Philadelphia is a treat for all the senses. Its owners, Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti, have taken the time to source the best beans available and blends them with care.

Where to Find Draft Latte in Philadelphia

They draw on ancient and modern coffee traditions to create a unique, elevated coffee experience for the Philadelphia area.

The coffee served at La Colombe is a classic European blend that is flavorful and nutritious. It has been around since 1994 and has four locations in Philadelphia. Its Philadelphia location has expanded to a handful of other places. The company prides itself on direct trade and longstanding relationships with small-holder farms and socially responsible coffee-growing associations.

If you're looking for an excellent cup of coffee, La Colombe is the place to go.

The Philadelphia location is also the first to serve the Draft Latte. The baristas are also passionate about serving great coffee. The baristas are trained to mix a wide variety of drinks and create a unique, delicious experience for guests. Those who like to experiment can order a specialty beverage like the Draft Latte.