Little Miss Korea in Allentown

ALLENTOWN - Opened at the Allentown Farmers Market in 2018, Little Miss Korea is a great place to grab some authentic Korean fare. This fusion restaurant uses traditional recipes to make Kimchi and combines seasonal produce with classic American dishes. Banchan are small side dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

Little Miss Korea in Allentown (Image: Google Images)

The highlight of the menu is Youme's Kimchi, but the restaurant also offers homemade hot sauce and dressings. It's an all-day dining spot that's a great place to grab a snack or meal with friends.

The Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant is a unique place to get authentic Korean cuisine. The menu features modernized versions of Korean a la carte dishes and express lunches. The industrial-styled restaurant serves both locals and tourists. Located on Main Street, it is easy to find. Its food is affordable and made with the best ingredients. Its ambiance is both hip and welcoming. The food here is served up at tables lined up along the wall.

There are a variety of Korean dishes to choose from. The menu includes many unique and popular fusion cuisines. You can try K-fries - French fries topped with gochujang aioli, cheese, and caramelized kimchi - or try the bulgogi beef, pork, or chicken. You can also build your own bowl of food! The menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.