Where Do the Philadelphia Flyers Play?

PHILADELPHIA - Where Do the Philadelphia Flyers Play? The Wells Fargo Center is a multi-purpose indoor arena that serves as home to both the National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers and NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, while also hosting events hosted by Major League Lacrosse team Philadelphia Assassins as well as American Hockey League Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

Each game at the Wells Fargo Center is an unforgettable spectacle. More than 100 professional staff members work tirelessly to prepare the arena for action, while 35 members of a 35-member crew dedicate to prepping Ice Pro spread 550 sheets for Flyers games before removing 156 hockey glass sheets and installing two 120'x20' nets - in total walking around four and a half laps is equivalent to playing before 19,600 people!

The Philadelphia Flyers were established during the NHL's inaugural expansion wave in 1967. Due to their aggressive style of play in their early 1970s years, they earned themselves the moniker the Broad Street Bullies, thanks to players like Bernie Parent and three-time league MVP Bobby Clarke (three league MVPs combined), Bill Barber, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, as well as Bill Barber & Dave "The Hammer" Schultz who established them. Over time they won two Stanley Cup championships: 1974 & 1975 before reaching one more final appearance against New Jersey Devils but ultimately fell short once more against them a final time;

Alain Vigneault currently leads the Flyers as their head coach; in his 16th season as an NHL head coach he boasts over 640 wins for an all-time win total ranking 12th all time.


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