The American Premiere of Comedy A Holy Show

After 18+ months, Inis Nua Theatre in Philadelphia is thrilled to be back on the stage live and in-person for the brand new 2021-2022 theatre season.

Philadelphia's Inis Nua Theatre

Inis Nua Theatre presents the American Premiere of A HOLY SHOW by up-and-coming Irish playwright Janet Moran. The Irish phrase “a holy show” means to embarrass or make a spectacle of oneself, the perfect title for this whirlwind comedy based on the true story of a disgraced Australian monk who hijacked a passenger jet using nothing but HOLY WATER!

Philadelphia's Inis Nua Theatre Presents American Premiere of Comedy A Holy Show Starting Oct 8th

The production casts the play’s two performers in more than 20 different characters. The range of distinct and sometimes rapidly shifting characters poses a particular challenge. Rachel Brodeur rose to a similar challenge in Inis Nua’s 2019 production of BOX CLEVER. Liam Mulshine’s background in Commedia dell'arte and improv help in his work on the almost clown-like nature of this script. The production warrants a Movement Director–Dan Higbee–who will help bring uniqueness to the physical performance of each of the many characters including, of course, the Virgin Mary herself.