Spring Has Sprung at Philadelphia Zoo: New Gorilla, Baby Animals, and More!

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Zoo is overflowing with excitement as we announce the arrival of Patty, a remarkable 11-year-old female western lowland gorilla. Patty joins our zoo family with an important mission: to help ensure the survival of her critically endangered species.
Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes Patty the Gorilla
Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes Patty the Gorilla

A New Hope for a Critically Endangered Species

Hailing from Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Patty brings her playful personality and gentle spirit to Philadelphia. She was born into a large family troop, where she gained valuable experience with younger gorillas – a sign that she'll be a wonderful mother in the future.

"We're thrilled to have Patty join our troop," said Andrew J. Baker, Curator of Primates and Small Mammals. "Patty's presence not only enriches our Zoo community but also highlights the urgent need to protect western lowland gorillas in the wild."

Western lowland gorillas face serious threats in their native Central African forests, including habitat destruction and poaching. Philadelphia Zoo is actively involved in conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures. Patty's arrival is a symbol of our commitment to breeding programs that ensure a healthy and genetically diverse gorilla population.

Patty is settling in beautifully at her new home in the PECO Primate Reserve. Our dedicated keepers report that she's a quick learner and is already showing her confident and curious nature.

Visitors are invited to come and meet Patty and learn more about these majestic primates. By connecting with Patty, guests can discover the challenges gorillas face and become inspired to support conservation efforts that protect their future.

Get to Know Patty

  • Age: 11 years old
  • Origin: Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago
  • Fun Fact: Gorillas are incredibly intelligent and share over 98% of their DNA with humans!


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