Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - There's more to the life and legacy of Benjamin Franklin than just his achievements. Philadelphia is home to several historical sites and attractions. In April 2006, an exhibit devoted to the famous American mathematician, writer, and philosopher opened in Philadelphia. This exhibit titled Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World also featured a series of complimentary events.

Before becoming a founding father, Benjamin Franklin worked as a printer in Philadelphia.  He also invented a lightning arrestor and set up the city's first postal system. He also founded a subscription library and a volunteer fire company. He also established a fire-insurance company. He also proposed the idea for the University of Pennsylvania and personally raised money to build the Pennsylvania Hospital. The city is named for him, as he was buried in the Christ Church Burial Ground with his wife, Deborah.

In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin is still revered for his role in the American Revolution.  The city is home to the second Continental Congress, where he helped write the Declaration of Independence. In 1787, he helped to draft the United States Constitution. Benjamin Franklin lived in Philadelphia's Franklin Court, which today houses the Benjamin Franklin Museum. The Franklin Court is the former residence of Benjamin Franklin, and his grave is at the Christ Church Burial Ground.

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