Exploring the Ruins of Concrete City in Nanticoke PA

PENNSYLVANIA - There are many reasons to explore the ruins of Concrete City, one of the earliest examples of International Style architecture in the United States. The edifice was built in 1911 for select employees of the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad coal division. Fortunately, it is no longer a working coal mine. Today, it is home to several historic buildings.

Visitors can explore the site for themselves, but the best way to see the ruins is to book a tour at one of the many public events held at the site. For a more interesting experience, visit the site in the fall, when the weather is pleasant. There are many things to see and do at the site, from historical landmarks to restaurants and bars. The site has something for everyone: there's a reconstructed school that dates to 1913.

In addition to the ruins, you can also explore the Abandoned PA Turnpike, one of the largest abandoned sites in Pennsylvania. This road was bypassed in 1968 due to its two-lane tunnels and traffic bottlenecks and is now a non-maintained bike trail. Another site of interest is the Abandoned Alvira Munitions Bunkers, located in rural Union County.

The city of Nanticoke owns the land where these buildings stand, and local police and fire departments train their members there. Visitors can explore a variety of buildings, including empty homes and businesses. Many of these buildings are concrete shells with graffiti covering them. While some are damaged or ruined, most buildings are in decent shape. A tour of the entire site would be difficult, and you might encounter some trouble.

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