Philadelphia’s Danielle Massi Publishes Shadow Seekers Journal

Philadelphia, PA - When the Owner and Founder of The Wellness Collective, Danielle Massi, LMFT, started her journey with Shadow Work, she never expected it to take her to where she is now. Danielle has been practicing shadow work for 3 years. With Shadow work coming into the limelight, Danielle knows how important it is for others to work on their own “shadow”.

That’s why she published the Shadow Seeker’s Journal, a tool to help you access what lies below the unconscious to help you heal and release. With her new journal published this month, Danielle is eager to help others on their holistic health journey.

Massi owner and Founder of The Wellness Collective Releases Journal on Shadow Workxplains that everyone has a “shadow” or unconscious parts of themselves that they’ve rejected, hidden away, and buried deep in the mind. The practice of shadow work is the process of bringing all of those unconscious shadows to light in order to heal. These shadows can include unresolved trauma and repressed memories that stick with us. Danielle explains that a seemingly small, un-impactful situation can linger in our unconscious and affect our day-to-day lives, personalities, and behaviors, and we are not even aware of it.

That’s why Danielle has introduced the Shadow Seeker’s Journal, so the average person can practice shadow work on themselves. She believes it’s important for people to holistically heal themselves on a daily basis. With a collection of journal prompts, the book guides the reader through writing exercises to dig deeper. Danielle wants the journal users to “excavate their shadow” and uncover past experiences that are holding them back.

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