Exploring the Comcast Building in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - You may wonder where to begin when exploring the Comcast building in Philadelphia. The Comcast Center's 45th floor was transformed into a condominium for Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. The lower two levels have been converted into retail spaces. The top-floor restaurant remains unchanged, except for some interior design changes. For more information on the building and its surroundings, visit comcast.com/philadelphia.

The Comcast Center is the corporate headquarters of the Comcast Corporation. It provides broadband and cable services to nearly one-third of U.S. households and is the largest media company in the world. It is Philadelphia's tallest building and the tallest building in North America. The Comcast Center campus along Arch Street is one mile west of the Constitution Center. There are many different paths that lead to this location, and it's worth taking the time to explore the complex.

If you are visiting Philadelphia for the first time, you should visit the Comcast Center.  While it is not as tall as the World Trade Center, it is a great place to take a break and take in some shopping and grab a cup of coffee. You can also enjoy the view of the city from the Comcast Center from some suburbs. It also houses two works of installation art in its winter garden entrance. If you visit the Comcast Center, you'll be able to admire its striking beauty.