Women in Wine at 21Seeds

PHILADELPHIA - Founder and CEO Kat Hantas is the brains behind 21Seeds. Morphing into a self-made mixologist, Kat created the first batch of 21Seeds in a Brita, working to perfect the temperature, presentation, and balance of flavors.

Not long after, friends and family began asking for cocktail recipes and bottles of their own to have and serve. Partnering with her sister, Nicole Hantas-Emanuel, and her best friend, Sarika Singh, Kat created 21Seeds – the all-natural, fruit-infused tequila.

Kat is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients that are perfect for making better-for-you, low-calorie cocktails. 21Seeds was born with the name originated by “21” two sisters and one friend, and Seeds as everything all-natural and from the earth that goes into the tequila.

In three short years, the "2 sisters and 1 friend" of 21Seeds are using the power of entrepreneurship, female friendship, and a fantastic product to make their mark on the spirits industry - one great cocktail at a time.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Fine Wine & Good Spirits is spotlighting trailblazers in the wine and spirits industries who are shattering glass ceilings, one bottle at a time